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DIY Face Mask Making Machine

DIY Face Mask Making Machine

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Beauty Facial SPA Collagen Fruit Vegetable Natural Automatic Mask Maker DIY Face Mask Making Machine

Do you want your skin to become translucent, elastic, and look moisturized?

Hurry up and take our professional facial mask machine to home, let all this become a reality, and reap your beauty and confidence!
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Product Description

 Multifunctional Smart Facial Mask Machine

One-key operation, convenient and quick. It is suitable for making natural facial masks of fruits and vegetables, no preservatives, no lead, no mercury or other irritating substances, which is super safe and healthy. You can make a DIY mask according to your own skin. Private customization will help improve the nutrient absorption of the facial skin and provide you with green skin care,whitening skin, restoring skin flexibility and vitality. The production process only takes 5 minutes. After the mask is made, just switch the button to automatic cleaning. Mode can clear the residue inside the machine.


 FEATURES of DIY Automatic Mask Machine

* CUSTOM VARIOUS NATURAL DIY MASK – You can make a natural mask according to your skin by the face mask machine, infused with fruit and vegetable juice or tea, milk, soy milk, honey, beer and wine, essential oils, herbs, flowers and eggs. Private customization is conducive to improving the nutrient absorption of facial skin, providing you with green skin care, whitening skin, and restoring skin flexibility and vitality.

 * AUTOMATIC MAKE FACE MASK: face mask maker machine can help you make your own face mask automatic, the food grade ABS mask plate conforms to human face shape containing eyes, nose, mouth model, which can make prefect face mask, rejecting folding. It allows you create chemical-free face masks at your own house

 * EASY TO USE & CLEAN: mask maker machine with human voice reminder, very easy to operate. Only one power button to control all the programs, click the power button to switch or confirm the mask making mode and the cleaning mode. Easy to clean, it adapting UVC sterilization technology, you can just switch the button to the cleaning mode for automatic heating and washing to remove the left substances inside the machine.

 * PRECAUTIONS & INSTRUCTIONS – Please carefully read the Instruction Manual as well as the product precautions on the back of the machine before use. Use instructions also found in the description below. Do not use any ingredients to which you are allergic or sensitive. Prior to use, perform a small patch test of the ingredients for 24 hours. If you develop any irritation, do not continue use. For better results we recommend adding in the machine only 20ml of fruit juice and 60ml of water.


 HOW TO USE DIY Fruit Vegetable Facial Mask Maker Machine

  It takes 5 minutes to make a mask, how to use:

Step 1: Connect the power.
Step 2: Add pure water and hear a beep, which means that 60ml of water is full, stop adding it.
Step 3: Add the nutrient solution, and you will hear two beeps, indicating that the 20ml nutrient solution is full and stop adding.
Step 4: Add collagen.
Step 5: Press the start button to start making the mask about five minutes.
Step 6: Hear a continuous "dididi" sound to indicate that the mask is made, press and hold the diversion key to export the mask liquid to cool.
Step 7: Press the start button to enter the cleaning mode. At this time, the light with the cleaning pattern on the right side of the mask machine lights up.
Step 8: Add 80ml of purified water and stop adding after hearing the two beeps.
Step 9: Press the start button to start cleaning about five minutes (if a viscous nutrient solution is used, clean it with a brush before cleaning).
Step 10: After cleaning is complete, press the diversion key to export the cleaning liquid.


 SPECIFICATIONS of Automatic Face Mask Maker Machine

 Item Type  Face Mask Machine  Working Frequency


 Material  ABS+PC ceramic glazed aluminum cup+Stainless Steel
 Control time  5 minutes  Maximum Rated power  90W
 Function  Making Various Kinds Natural Face Masks  Mask making temperature  75℃-85℃
 Package Weight  Approx. 940-997g  Maximum water capacity  100ML
 Voltage  AC 100-240V  Certificate  CE, ROHS, FCC


1*Mask Machine
1*Mask Plate
1*Box of Fresh Collagen
1*100ML Cup
1*Cleaning Brush
1*English User Instruction (with fruit matching guide)
1*Plastic Knife
1*Adapter plug


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